Fresh Home Services
A professional cleaning company serving Midland and Odessa, TX.

Why Choose Fresh Home?

Fresh Home is bonded, insured and dedicated not only to the clean appearance of your home, but the health of your home. We use only effective non-toxic cleaning agents (like deionized water, hydrogen peroxide, essential oils and surfactants, high quality microfiber, and steam) to remove grime, scale and germs. Sealed hepa-filtered vacuums keep your air clean, and lots of attention to detail delivers the look you’re wanting with the knowledge that it’s truly clean.

We love to clean! And we love to give our clients the peace of mind that comes with knowing we’ve taken care of their home, so they can do what they want to do most.

What to Expect

When a new client contacts us, the typical essential questions are addressed – What size is your home and what is its configuration? What type and frequency of service do you want? Do you have any special requests or time frame? We always insist on a personal walk-through before working for a client, to ensure they are getting all they really want, that they know what’s available for them, and to get a feel for what’s truly important to them. Then we can come specifically prepared to deliver excellent service.


Of course, the time, expertise, and equipment it takes to clean a home all play a role in determining the value assigned to a service. We input all the physical factors into an estimating calculator using our timed processes to obtain a reasonable estimate that reflects our value to the client. (But like anyone who loves their work, sometimes we do some things for free just because we care about it……)

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Residential Cleaning

At Fresh Home Services, we understand that every household has unique needs when it comes to hiring a professional residential cleaning service. Therefore, we offer you the flexibility to opt for the services you need from our vast range of residential cleaning services. Whether you want to hire our experts to have streak-free, spotless windows or to care for your fine furniture, we will provide you a truly customized solution for your cleaning needs.

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